Role of the Order

The Ordre des chimistes du Québec is one of the 45 professional orders of Québec. Its main role is to ensure the protection of the public. Constituted under the rules of the Professional Code, the Order regulates and supervises professional activities that could have risk of prejudice to the population. For further details, see the description of professional orders by clicking this link.

The Order is constituted by the Professional Chemists Act, and administered by a board of directors. To learn more about the composition of the board, see the Board of Directors page.


The mission of the Ordre des chimistes du Québec is to protect the public. It does so by ensuring the competence of its members and the quality of their professional practice.


The Ordre des chimistes du Québec fulfills its mission by protecting life, health and the environment. It also contributes to sustainable development.


The main mission of a professional order is to protect the public. The Ordre des chimistes du Québec is required to exercise general supervision over the practice of professional chemistry in Québec.

Exclusive right to practice

Only members of the Ordre des chimistes du Québec have the right to practice the profession of chemistry, unless the law permits it. This right is conferred upon them because of the nature of their work. The permit granted to members stipulates that professional chemists must have the required training and qualifications established by the Order.

For more information about this, follow the link to view an extract of the Professional Code, sections 31 to 34.