Specialty: Clinical Biochemist

To be a chemist opens the door to working in a great diversity of exciting sectors. The postdoctoral diploma in clinical biochemistry (http://www.biochimie.umontreal.ca/etudes/depd/) opens doors in the health sector, particularly in hospitals.

Clinical biochemistry is one of the four (4) specialties of medical biology, which include:

  • biochemistry
  • hematology
  • microbiology
  • pathology

Clinical biochemistry is practiced in the hospital sector. This specialty applies the principles of biochemistry to the human physiopathological process. You can  obtain a detailed description of the work of a clinical biochemist by clicking on this link.

Who can become a clinical biochemist?

Clinical biochemistry is a specialty which requires postdoctoral university training. Consult the Regulation to learn more about standards for equivalence of diplomas for the issuing of a specialist’s certificate in clinical biochemistry by the Ordre des chimistes du Québec.

Who can practice as a clinical biochemist? 

Holders of a specialist certificate in clinical biochemistry (Certificat de spécialiste en biochimie clinique) issued by the OCQ.


The process of obtaining a specialist certificate in clinical biochemistry is subject to regulation by the Ordre des chimistes du Québec. Consult the following documents to learn the standards of equivalence in terms of the diplomas and training required.

Terms and Conditions 

You can consult documents about obtaining the title of specialist in clinical biochemistry by following these links:

The registration period for submitting your request to the Order is between January 10 and March 01,  by email at admission@ocq.qc.ca

Charges for « Specialty study » are $ 232 plus taxes payable to the online store by logging on as a member.

Documents useful for interns and for intern supervisors 

The order has produced several documents that you can consult if you are thinking of becoming a clinical biochemist. These documents describe the profession and the criteria for evaluating an internship, in terms of both academic and clinical training.

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