Professional Laws and Regulations

A person wishing to work as a chemist in Quebec must hold a permit of the Ordre des chimistes du Québec (CQO) and must be registered on the roll of the CQO and respect the laws and regulations that govern the profession. These laws also deal with the training required as well as the conditions of practice appropriate to the profession.  In the absence of Federal legislative or regulatory provision clearly to the contrary, this principle applies to all, including persons who are employed by the federal Government, which must ensure that any chemist engaged in Quebec must be duly registered on the roll of the CQO and comply with all the laws and Quebec regulations that govern the profession.

The OCQ has a mission to protect the public. It ensures:

  • Control over the competence and integrity of its members;
  • Regulation of the practice and assurance of its respect
  • The development of the profession;
  • Etc.

Its mandate is also to assist the public regarding any complaint about the work of one of its members.

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